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Index Seminum 2020



Index Seminum is one of the many ways of cooperation amongst botanical gardens and scientific institutions in the whole world. It is published mostly anually and distributed to partner institutions. Every botanical garden collect seeds from nature and from own sources and offers them for the exchange.

Our botanical garden cooperate with more than 500 institutions from Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Index Seminum exchange is conditioned by use for scientific and research purposes.

We can say, that IS is a unique international network of many people, that connect intimate relation to the natural heritage. Emerged seeds are not just young plants, but also symbol of friendship and cooperation with the respect to the Earth and other people.


Here You can find our latest Index Seminum. It is intended just for scientific institutions. If You don't exchange IS with our garden regularly, please send us e-mail before You send the desiderata.


Since 2013 we send only electronical version of our Index Seminum.

Index Seminum 2019 - CZ Arboretum Brno


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