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 Iris Exhibition - IRIS 2020

Friday 22th - Monday 25th May 2020

daily from 9:00 till 18:00


Enter: main enter from tř. Gen. Píky and from Boby Centrum



Beardes irises show belongs to our traditional exhibitions. Irises are well known perennials, that consists from many species and cultivars.

 Latin name iris means rainbow. The rainbow has seven colour. But donˆ't believe completely to iris breeders. You can find there all the colours except red. But there are many people, who improve bearded irises in Germany, United States, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic and they may sometimes some nearly red flower find. We'll see..



They are plants of South Europe and like good drainage, sunny site and preferably dry conditions.

We can water them shortly just after replanting (according to weather) and then leave them rather dry, otherwise we can grow undemanding diseases.

Big problem is bud borer (Phorbia) that leave thanks to its larvae iris flowers changed to rotten substance.  Chemical treatment is therefore needed.



      Collection of our arboretum contain more than 300 iris cultivars. You can admire them in beds arranged according to the colours and date of origin. So You can easily track single steps of iris breeding.

It is possible to find here new but also old cultivars, that are frequently grown in home gardens. Every year the best cultivars obtain Dykes award, that got its name according to Mr. Dykes, the american iris breeder and grower. He dedicated his life to these beautifull "orchids of the North".


 Garden beds contain renowned forms but also newly bred plants from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.




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