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Weekends in Garden



       WEEKENDS           IN GARDEN  

It is not possible to hold big exhibitions every year. But there are fine periods in the garden that should be seen. Garden is normally open just during working days and therefore we open the door during some weekends for people that could not come during the week.

We don’t held big orchid exhibition every year, but you can admire our orchid collection in two weekends.

First opportunity for you brings weekend in the beginning of March, when you can find flowering plants mostly of asian origin.

If you want to see Central and South American Cattleyas and their relatives and hybrids with big, sometimes fragrant flowers, your time to visit glasshouses come in November.





not held this year

daily from 0:00 till 0:00

If you are really not orchid enthusiast, you can walk through spring garden. It is a good opportunity to relax after long winter with early bulbs, shrubs and perennials and immediatelly pump the soul with fresh plant energy.

Glasshouses with orchids are closed in this weekend, it is intended for true plant enthusiasts. :)




7th - 9th March 2020

daily from 9:00 till 17:00

Except great orchid exhibition that is held just once during five years you can admire orchid flower every year during spring orchid weekends. Opened glasshouse doors lead to amazing collection of more than 1 500 natural species and over 3 000 hybrids. Not every plants are of course in flower, but every orchid specialist should be satisfied or spend some sleepless night.




7th - 9th November 2020

daily from 10:00 till 17:00

Enter: just main enter from tř. Gen. Píky

Entrance Fee


Autumn weekend reveals to the visitor colourfull and frangrant flowers of american orchid genus Cattleya and its relatives.


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