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Head of the Botanical Garden and Arboretum
Ing. Michal Pavlík

Department of Woody Plants
Ing. Michal Pavlík
Department of Orchids
Ing. Anna Buchtová
Department of Rock Gardens and Perennials
Ing. Jana Švancarová
Organizational and technical worker
Markéta Čivišová

Poisonous plants

Sometimes we have phone calls asking that someone ate part of a plant. In that case, it is necessary to know the professional name of the plant, ideally to have a sample of the ingested plant to determine (twig, leaf, flower, fruit – if possible), or to take a good photo as documentation.

If something similar happens to you – there is a 24-hours service of the Toxicological Information Centre in Prague in the Czech Republic, phone +420 224 919 293.

You should get qualified answers there. Toxicity can be different for humans and animals.

In addition to primary phytotoxicity (ie the plant is toxic itself), we can also encounted secundary phytotoxicity (the plant was chemically treated – the plant was brought from a flower shop, plant growing in the fields after spraying, etc.).