Seed exchange between botanical gardens

Index Seminum is one the ways of cooperation of botanical gardens around the world. It is published annualy by most botanical gardens and distributed to each other. Each botanical garden collects seeds of certain species during the season and then offers them for free exchange.

Our botanical garden thus cooperates with more than 500 botanical gardens on almost all continents.

The exchange within the Seminum Index is subject to use only for scientific and research purposes, it is not possible for commercial purposes.

In a way, however, it is a unique international network of many people who have a close relationship with nature, regardless of affiliation, political or economic interests. Although not all the exchange seeds germinate, the gardens and the people thus make many friendships expressed through plants, many of which you can see in our garden. As you walk through our botanical garden and look at some of the plants, you may realize that someone once packed them like a small seed in a distant land.